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General Information

From:JT    Published:2014/4/2 11:45:06

LDPE=Low-Density Polyethylene

Around 0.91-0.93g/cm³  


HDPE=High-Density Polyethylene

Around0.94g-0.96 g/cm³


Forming temperature: around140°C-220°C

Virgin PE are milky white & semi-trans and non-toxic and odorless.


PP=Polypropylene around 0.9-0.91/ cm³ forming temperature around 160-220°C


(LLDPE = Linear low density polyethylene around 0.91-0.94g/ cm³)

Degradation: an irreversible process leading to a significant change in the structure of a material, typically characterized by a loss of properties (eg. integrity, molecular mass or structure, mechanical strength) and/or by fragmentation. Note: degradation is affected by environmental conditions and proceeds over a period of time comprising one or more steps.


Biodegradation: degradation caused by biological activity especially caused by enzymatic action leading to a significant change in the chemical structure of a material.


What is Composting?
Composting is a natural process whereby micro-organisms transform organic waste materials into a soil- like product called humus (pronounced "hue-mous"). Kitchen scraps, leaves and yard waste, paper, wood, food-processing wastes, as well as agricultural crop wastes and animal manures, are excellent organic waste materials that can be composted.


Composting has a wide range of benefits: it helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and produces a valuable product, compost, of benefit to soil health & vitality in addition to many other attributes such as water and soil conservation.